Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh My Achin Back

Finally encountering some headwinds., Last night around dinner time, my lower back started to get sore. It got progressively sore throughout the evening to the point where I could not sleep or sit in a comfortable position. I called the hospital to confirm what I had already suspected....that this was the antipated bone pain associated with Neupogen. It is pretty painful....7-8 on a scale of 10. It also seems to deflect any relief. Doesn't matter if I sit in a chair or lie down on my side, stomach, or back. Doesn 't respond to heat or cold. I gobbled a couple of Vicodan, but they did nothing. This morning, I took a couple of dilaudid, and they may have helped some. I would say the pain has gone down to a 4.

At present, I'm sitting in my favorite family room chair. I'm relatively comfortable and somehwat spaced out from the dilaudid. But it appears I may have to put up wth this for a few days.

Susan's perspecive on this seems spot on. The pain is evidence that the stem cells are swimming around and ready for collection. In other words, the shit is working.

Rock on!


  1. Ouch...I feel for you buddy. I remember the night before I had my gall bladder removed. The pain was ridiculous. Could not find a single position to be comfortable in. I stood...sat ...laid down, all to no avail. Hope its only for a short time...can't believe Vicoden did nothing...I always thought that was the Holy Grail of pain relievers. Keep the blogs coming. Jay

  2. Hi Ed,
    Damn! You have been the beacon of light through thick and thin and still are and yet this pain sounds tough to bear. I have been doing some research on your behalf to see what else you could take that would not interfere with the cancer drugs but would decrease the toxicity and inflammation you are feeling in the bones. Share this with your doc
    apparently, MD Anderson has been using 500 mg of Curcumin 2 x day in their mm protocols and they are getting good results.
    I use curcumin any time I over do it at the gym. Great for pain reduction.
    I want to share more tomorrow when I gather a few more sites to share.
    Sending you healing vibes today~

  3. When I read Jeanne's comments, it puts a smile on my face. She is another of your angels! I so wish I could have the answer for your pain. I can only ask God to make it stop hurting and for the big C to go away. If I could I would take your pain away. Mother used to say "It's always dark before the dawn". I'm looking forward to the dawn. Love you lots!

  4. Well, I'm sorry you're going through so much pain. I've had some luck taking the drug Lyrica for chronic migraine pain, and it's a drug that's used for all types of pain, including neuropathic pain. I'm not sure if your doctor would approve of this drug for you and your experiences with pain. I do hope you feel better soon. I do say a Mishebeyrach (a prayer for the sick/ill/"just not feeling too great", etc.) every week and perhaps G-d will listen to my prayers.