Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Sensible Idea

I was advised today that I should really become germ phobic. Stay out of public places. Wash hands obsessively. Walk around with hand sanitizer. It made me think of a recent song by my Facebook friend and songwriter extraordinaire Christine Lavin. The solution is simple....Bring Back the Bow! (click here to play).

BTW: It is Day 3 of Neupogen. No changes. I have no pain. I haven't lost any hair. All is well. Stay tuned.

Also....thank you to whomever sent me the Wisconsin slippers. They arrived today in anonymous packaging. Please reveal yourself. I love them.


  1. Hi Ed - hope things continue to go your way. Thanks for posting my song! I heard from a doctor at Sloan Kettering that he wants them to play the song over the hospital intercom to keep reminding people -- don't touch! don't touch!

    Once I was doing a show in Boston and a fellow performer came backstage -- hugged and kissed me and then whispered with a horribly hoarse voice, "I am so sick, but that is how much you mean to me that I came here today." I wanted to deck her, but of course my charm school training kicked in and I didn't. Maybe someone should make a t-shirt that says "Hug Me And I'll Deck You."

    Take care --- Chris

  2. Uncle Eddie,
    Hi!! Well here in Chicago..wish I was where you are..had a blizzard last 8 inches of snow in the city. YUCK! Now I know why you moved to a warmer climate!:-)
    So....I am completely a total germophobe..have to be being around kids even more too.
    ***VERY...glad to hear all the good news as to how you feel!!
    Keep it up!!! :-) :-)
    We love you!!!!!