Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wouldn't this be a nice birthday present?

I'm 59 today. Happy birthday to me!

Tripped across an article online that had a very encouraging headline:

Picture of me and Hillary Jan 2, 2012 BC (Before Chemo)

Novel Therapies Put Multiple Myeloma 'On the Ropes'
By: SUSAN LONDON, Oncology Report Digital Network
SAN FRANCISCO – A sweep of new agents are poised to deliver what could be a knock-out blow to multiple myeloma, according to the director of the myeloma program at the University of California, San Francisco.

Regrettably, I believe the headline and lead paragraph are a bit too optimistic on the status of solving this rotten disease. Yes, it is true that progress is being made in finding novel therapies. And the pace of the progress is rapid. But no one really sees a universal treatment, much less a cure in sight. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to at least hear people talking this way.

The full article can be referenced here if you are interested: Article

As for my birthday...I'm getting settled into my new buzz cut. I still enjoy the feeling of being treated special on my birthday, particularly hearing from old friends. Just cashed in on my free birthday meal at Denny's (Grand Slam, baby!).

As I've said in previous birthday blog posts, birthdays take on new meaning for cancer patients and are truly cause for celebration. Not to tempt fate, but I truly believe I'm going to have quite of few more of these celebrations.

As for the transplant calendar...I'm on hiatus now until I check in for the transplant on Feb. 7th. This means no doctors. No pills. No needles. No restrictions. I'm stoked!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    My Dad, (of course Mom;-), Ellyn & I wish you a very happy & healthy birthday!!
    Many more to come. Your amazing!
    Enjoy your special day!
    We love you!

  2. Happy BirthdaY Boyala! I'm so glad you feel so good. Hope it continues. Love you as much as i did the day you were born! That was a really happy time.

  3. Happy Birthday! I don't dare forget the birthday of the man who remembers everybody's birthday. I hope you had a great short hair day.

    Roma and Romette

  4. Of course, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh to be 59 again.

  5. Happy Birthday Eddie! You look great. I like the new more youthful haircut. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Happy b-day Ed!! Buzz cut suits you well.

  7. Happy Birthday young man. I'm think about the buzz cut to look younger as well and then pluck out the gray...well i guess that wouldn't leave much hair. Glad to hear about progress. Keep up the great tude.