Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feeling much better today

Woke up this morning with no more bone pain. Went for my daily shot and leared that my white blood cell count had gone from .2 to 3.6 in 24 hours. (low end of normal is 4.0). Apparently, this has something to do with why I was so sore. But, no matter. I'm fine now. Just feeling fatiqued....probably a hangover from all the pain meds.

Tomorrow should be quite a day. I'll be getting my IJ port surgucally installed and the harvest of cells will commence. I'll be cooped up in a chair for about 5 hours...unable to get up. I'm well prepared with toys and entertainment.


  1. Of course, I'll be thinking of you! Glad you're feeling good! Keep it up. Positive attitude!!!

  2. This is so much to take on but you seem to be positive as you progress through all the steps. Thinking of you....Gary