Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get up and go got up and went

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Overall, I'm doing quite well. But not quite as well as I was this time last week. My zenith was last Friday. I had been taking daily walks and found them rather boring. So I decided that walking to chase a golf ball would be a reasonable alternative. There is a nifty par-3 golf course nearby and I went out and played the course. It felt great, although I did get a bit dizzy walking up the hill on one of the holes. Afterwards, I stopped in to work just to say "hi' and let people know I was OK. Later that evening, we all went to synagogue and then to dinner. The following day was a disaster. I woke up with indigestion, fatigue and diarrhea. I had been warned before I left Cedars that the recovery curve did not go straight up. Now I believe them. I honestly don't think that Saturday's maladies were brought on by me "overdoing it." I think it is just the nature of the beast. By Sunday, I felt quite a bit better. Today, Tuesday, I'm feeling mostly OK. I still have some queasiness in my stomach. But my main complaint is that I have very little "get up and go." For the past few days, I've been quite content to sit in a chair and read a book or stare vacantly at a TV. I'm trying to fight it somewhat by getting out for walks....although we are experiencing unusually cold weather here in SoCal.

A few other things....my taste buds are still quite fussy. Although many people recommend ginger for an upset stomach, I cannot stomach the thought of swallowing ginger in any form. My preference right now is for carbs and comfort foods. A bagel with or without cream cheese is great. Rice bowls with some chicken go down well, as does a mild soft taco. I'm not that keen on frozen treats like ice cream.....which is very odd. However frozen yogurt tastes good. I've also noticed that my sense of smell has reached superhuman dimensions. This is for better or worse, since an overpowering perfume or the smell of something cooking that I don't fancy can make me rather nauseous.

But overall, I'm happy with my progress.

Special note to Sheri in Idaho.....Best of luck. I'm sending you mental energy.


  1. I'm sorry that you're on a roller coaster. You used to like the ride. I'm looking forward to you going back to the doctor to get some new results. Naturally, I'm concerned because I love you.

  2. Ed....hurry! Get back to Cedars! You've been misdiagnosed....you don't have MM....

    YOU'RE PREGNANT!! Those symptoms, dead ringer for first trimester. Mazel!!

    Kidding aside, congratulations on getting to this point in your recovery and enjoying the good moments to the fullest!!

  3. Guess you'll just have to stop,wearing perfume.

    It's really good to hear that you're making progress. Sending good vibes.

  4. Hi Ed
    The ups and downs of recovery aren't easy. So, glad to see you enjoy food on Sunday. I can so understand why you would crave comfort foods during the nausea stage. You just want to feel better.
    Make sure you are getting adequate zinc ( 30 mg/day of zinc in almost any form) will help you improve your taste buds and reduce nausea.
    I have a tasteless liquid if you need some..but trust you have some around the house
    Keep me posted!

  5. Hey man! Glad to hear your doing OK and hangin in there!

  6. Hi, Ed, what you're experiencing is completely normal. I always thought of recovery as three steps forward and two steps back. Just go with what your body is telling you. Be patient. Sometime soon you'll realize that the "good" days are slowly outnumbering the "bad" days.