Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day +2. Storm clouds gathering

Two Eds are better than one.

Day +2 is upon us and I'm not quite as chipper. My stomcah has been quesy since my freind Cory came to visit last night (I believe it is coincindental). We've managed the discomfort with a triage of drugs....Zofran, Compazine and Ativan. They work pretty well, but make me feel kind of drowsy. Yesterday, I was told by the nurses that it was hosptial policy to prohibit patients from leaving the ward post-transplant. One of my favorite diversions has been to wander down to the Plaza level which is open airy and has a live piano player. I can also take invigorating walks outdoors on the Plaza level. Fortunately, Dr. Vescio intervened on my behalf and wrote an order that I can go to the Plaza as long as my white blood cell counts remained over 2. Today, I came in at 3.1, down fro 4.7 yesterday and 6.4 the day before. So, I did manage to get out and take my walk this morning and it felt really good. Tomorrow may be the end of that. BTW: I am also required to wear a mask now when I leave my room. People who would otherwise know would undoubtebly walk right past me. With my bald head and a mask on, I'm virtually unrecognizable.

I'm quite fussy about food right now. I have no taste for sweets. I very much enjoyed having a bagel this morning, although it was not a very good bagel. I ate a bowl of cereal dry with no milk in it. And I had a cup of black coffee and some cranberry juice. I decided to pass on the scrambled eggs. Last night, remarkably, I did not want to eat my ice cream. So there is clearly something wrong with me. I also noticed a bit of peach fuzz growing on my lip, meaning my hair may be starting to grow back.

Today is Saturday and I have heard several visitors will be coming by. If you do come and you don't find me in my room, check the Plaza lever - push PL on the elevator. I'll have my cell phone with me if you get lost.


  1. Hey Ed…..
    Sounds like you’re going to come out of this ordeal slimmer than when you went in and needing some new clothes. Not sure how long this process is going to take since I have not read your blog until now. Hopefully you’ll be wanting to return to Ben & Jerry again soon and will be able to continue your visits to the Plaza. Hugs…..Sonya

  2. Take note of how you feel with the different anti-nausea drugs. I didn't like Compazine at all as it made me very, very sleepy. Zofran was the ticket for me; that with Ativan.

    You're doing better eating than I could. But then again, you're only a few days into the nausea business.

    Anyway, Ed, carry on there. I learned yesterday that I am still in remission-- something we can hope for you too.

    Good wishes.

  3. Glad you are doing so well Ed. I'm glad you are able to blog. You're doing great.

  4. Missed hearing from you today but am still thinking of you and sending you positive vibes. Will put in a call to your better half to find out if the nurses hid your iPad or you just didn't have the energy today. There's always tomorrow......Sonya