Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day +5

Happy Valentines Day. I"ve been here for a week now and the bloom is off the rose. Most of the day is just counting the hours until I get worse and ultimately better. As of now, I am quesy most of the time. I have a very limited appetite. I'm pretty weak....don't feel much like getting out of bed. I mostly pass the time reading and watching tv. I have at least ten more days of this to look forward to. I am being well treated by the terrific staff here. And I really appreciate the calls and visits. Today, I'm limiting the about of visitors since I'm not feeling all that comgenial. Might be better to touch bases later this week. All in all , it could be worse, but I would like to get past this ASAP.


  1. Uncle Eddie,
    Hang in there! Your really a very strong person. Like you said the more time that goes by... the less you have to feel like that.
    Glad you are keeping busy, etc. know that you have soooo....many people who are thinking of you & that love you!
    Happy Valentines Day! Next year you can celebrate out of there!!!
    Btw, absolutely LOVE your choice of music! Ha. :-)
    You are always cool & have great taste w/that!!:-)
    Feel better!!! :-) :-) :-)

  2. Stay strong, Ed. You've handled everything with fantastic resolve and humor. You know you can do this, but also, it's OK to feel weak and grumpy and like being alone. You don't have to be up and funny for everyone all the time. Be good to yourself and take it one day at a time. (Enough cliches? Are you about to gag? Even so, they're rooted in truth.) Wishing you very well VERY SOON!

  3. You'll get by with a little help from your friends. We won't have it any other way! The countdown to escape has commenced!

  4. I got the word from Ed's nurse and doctor that he needs to push himself to get out of bed 3x/day for 2-3 laps around the "unit" It will help him get stronger faster and speed his return home. . So all visitors-help be part of the program by joining Ed for a walk. I think it is good for Ed to have short visits even when he is tired so if you are nearby and can drop by for a 30 minute chat and walk that is great. I won't be able to go back until Sat so I hope there are some pinch hitters

  5. No photo! You must be feeling like s***. So sorry. I am trying to get over to you now that I am healthy, no more cold. Will try to call you tomorrow or Thurs. to see how you are feeling or want a visitor. Totally get it if you are too uncomfortable for company. Listen to your body. It's working overtime now.

  6. Thinking of you every day, my friend. Spring Training is just around the corner, and the Cubs will be in first place; at least for a day or two.
    Greg Sessler