Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day -2

Checking in to Cedars later today. I spent yesterday getting prepared - took a bike ride and charged up all my electronic toys. Today is considered Day -2. It will consist of my getting a PICC line surgically inserted in my arm. Then, I was told there will be a lot of waiting around until I get admitted. Tonite at 10 PM, I will receive the first dose of Melphalan, a very heavy duty chemo that will kill everything in it's wake....bad cells, good cells, etc. I was told not to expect too much discomfort immmediatly, but that the tough stuff will start showing up in a few days. I'm feeling fine, although I am not relishing the prospect of spending two weeks or more in the hospital. But I am prepared to make the most of it. More later.


  1. I am glad you took in the ride along the beach before checking in at Cedars
    Also, love the #10 song pick of
    Beat It, by MJ
    I think that is a great mantra for all of us to adopt in your favor
    Sending you big hugs and lots of healing vibes

  2. Ed, good luck with everything! I will be checking in, with baited breath, to see how it goes for you! I am on day 7 of Neupogen shots, just waiting for all the stem cells to be ready for collection!

  3. What can I say! I'm think of you and hoping that you won't be in much discomfort. On the other hand, 2 weeks of being miserable out of your lifetime are not bad odds. Love you soooo much!

  4. Eddie,
    I already called and you weren't checked in yet...
    Joan and I have you in our thoughts and prayers and I know you are going to do great as you have shown throughout your war. You look great and I can't believe you are even having a problem. I like the new hairdue... The King And I look does you good!
    Your basketball....rock....buddy...

  5. Interseting that today is Day 2!! Does that mean you are one day closer to being done? Love the cue ball photo. Maybe the art installation should include faces on all the balls. Hope all goes well tonight and in the next few days. I'll try to come visit you on my way home one of these days. Getting over a very minor cold now so I want to be sure I'm totally well before I visit you.
    Sheri in MB/BH