Monday, February 13, 2012

Day +4

It is now Day +4 and things are getting tougher. I'm feeling mostly ok, but I do have a fairly constant quesy stomach which is made worse by certain foods, certain activities and seeing Newt Gingrich on the TV. My taste in food is changing daily . Yesterday, the only thing I felt like eating was bagels and cream cheese. Today, the thought of a bagel is disgusting, but I craved shredded wheats. I'm getting quite tired of being cooped up here in the hospital, even though I have no complaints about the quality of my treatment. I' m also feeling considerably weaker...less able to walk around and cause trouble. It is not very heartening to know that things are likely to get worse before they get better. So, needless to say, I'm looking for time to pass quickly. Song for the day: Eric Clapton - Better Make It Through Today.


  1. You've alwways pulled off the pyschedelic look very well!

  2. Hey Ed, I understand getting quesy when you see Newt but a good ol' bagel and cream cheese? ...that sucks!
    Did the Badgers play since their win over Minnesota? Got keep up your energy for their next game,right
    small pleasures seem essential each day. Hope you can get to the plaza today to get some fresh perspectives
    Sending you oodles of healing vibes that you get an appetite for something you enjoy today.
    LOve J

  3. Hey Ed,
    Hang in there! I heard lemon drops help queasiness. We all miss you here at the office!

  4. Yeah, it does get worst! When I had my sct, it started to get bad @ day 4 and then it was a downward spiral till around day 12. I couldn't eat anything, but had to drink ensure otherwise they would have put food in a tube or something horrible. But you' ll get thru it.... And then it will be onto CR and feeling better . Best to you

  5. Hang in there, Eddie! You've got lots of folks cheering for you. Hugs from Kim