Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Story on Pat's Blog

The myeloma community is quite active on the web.  Perhaps the most prolific and universally followed blogger is Pat Killingsworth....a fellow Badger who now lives in Florida.  Pat updates his blog daily and has written several books about his myeloma experiences.  He as been a source of help and inspiration for patients and caregivers around the world.  Pat and I have not met, but we've become friends via the blogosphere.  Pat asked me to contribute a chronicle of my story for his blog and it has been running for the past few weeks.  Today's installment can be accessed here.  Those of you interested in the topic should check in regularly with Pat's blog at


  1. I read Pat's blog and I noticed you said you have diverticulitis of the colon. I don't remember you having this and I'm still wondering if it has something to do with the pain you had as a little boy.

    You are an amazing person and I so admire you for how you're handling this. You're always upbeat. I can't say I'd be the same. I love you soooo much.

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