Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revlimid and Hair Update

As you can see, my hair is coming back….

I started on Revlimid as a maintenance drug two weeks ago.  Revlimid is one of the two major novel agents that have been widely used over the past five years to combat myeloma (the other being Velcade…which I’ve had twice already).  As discussed in a previous post, Revlimid is being used as a maintenance therapy to try to keep the disease in check.  It is typically combined with dexamethasone for ultimate affect, but knowing how much I hate dex, my doctor agreed to use a low dose of Prednisone instead.  Revlimid works in multiple ways to slow or kill myeloma cells, although the exact way in which it works is not completely understood. It directly affects the tumor cells. It is also known to affect the blood vessels and other substances surrounding a tumor (known as the tumor microenvironment) which help to feed the cancer cell's growth.   It is a derivative of Thalidomide, which you may have heard was used to treat morning sickness in the late ‘50s and was withdrawn from the market after being found to cause some major birth defects (deformed limbs, etc.).  It’s a powerful drug and is associated with many ugly side effects, many of which have been verified by patient/friends of mine using the drug.  As I write this, I’m on day 14 of my Revilmid ingestion.  So far, no problem.   I’ve also been taking the Prednisone for over a week and I’m pleased to report that I’m not able to detect any symptoms but that it is helping to alleviate the steroid withdrawal stiffness I’ve experienced so far. 

As for my scalp….my hair is growing.  Slower than I’d like, but there is definitely observable progress.  Those who haven’t seen me in a while remark that they like my new short hair-do, as though I did this by design.  I went out and bought a comb today!

Beyond that, I’m doing quite well and grateful for how well I’ve recovered from the transplant.


  1. You look like the Boyola I once knew. So happy you're feeling well! I love you very much!

  2. Soooo...glad your feeling well & your hair is growing back!
    We are always thinking of you & wish you only the best!
    Keep us posted!! We love you!!!
    Love, Andrea :-)

  3. Rasta-Ed:

    I know you've pined for this look given your music passion. It serves you well. Either way, you are very handsome. Glad to see the hair come back and you might have inspired a buzz cut for me