Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Bloom of Spring

Pleased to report that I am sprouting some mustache hair. It's not much, but its a start. My dome remains hairless, but I'm anticipating some new arrivals soon. Most symptoms from the BMT ordeal are now gone. I still get dizzy if I exert myself too much, but that is about it. Queasy stomach is now resolved. So, at this point, it is just waiting for my stamina and my coiffure to return.

I meet with Dr. V tomorrow and am expecting that I'll get the green light to return to work. If so, I'll be back on the job on Thursday.

Best regards to Sheri in Idaho who is in the middle of her BMT. Hope all is going well and continues to do so.


  1. I'm soooo happy! Don't forget to shave that facial hair. You're so handsome without it! I love you.

  2. Uncle Eddie,
    Congrats!!! :-)
    Glad you are feeling better & dizziness is basically over!
    Returning to work,etc. we are ALL soooo....happy for you as we've been thinking of you everyday!
    Love receiving your blog postings!!
    Keep it up!
    We are loving this warm weather here in Chicago. Feels like Summer! Or...CA weather:-)
    We're lovin' it!!! Today 82!! I'll take it;-)
    Love you!!!!!! :-)

  3. I'm glad your doing well man..keep up the good fight!!

  4. If you try really hard, you could have a 'stash like mine!

  5. i get dizzy exerting myself too much as well...glad to hear you are sprouting and doing well

  6. Ed, thanks for the words of encouragement. So good to be home. Still dealing with the nausea and tiredness. Hope that passes soon. And I hope food starts to taste normal again. Good luck with returning to work!