Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day +47

It is now 47 days since I received my transplant. I’m very pleased with my progress. I’m back to work as of last week. I’m not suffering any symptoms of the treatment….my nausea has gone away. The only time I get nauseous now is when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror (props to Rodney Dangerfield). I met with Dr. V last week and he commented that he my recovery has been “impressive”. All my blood tests are back in the normal range. My new/old immune system is functioning well….although I have managed to contract a rather minor chest cold. But it hasn’t been any more concerning or problematic than any other cold I’ve had in the past.

I’m not currently on any medications to treat the myeloma. This is mostly very nice, although I am starting to experience stiffness in my joints….probably due to steroid withdrawal. I went through this before, and while it is noticeable, it is far from debilitating.

My stamina seems to be improving. I was able to shag tennis balls with Susan on Saturday for about 45 minutes without experiencing much fatigue.

Next step…bone marrow biopsy scheduled for April 10. This will reveal how effective the therapy has been. If no active myeloma cells are detected, which I expect to the case, I will be considered in complete remission. This, regrettably, is not the same as being cured. But it is the best possible outcome and if things stay that way for a many years, we will have achieved our goal for having undergone this therapy. I’ll let you know when the results come back.


  1. So happy to hear you are back at work! Next step is to knock off Susan on the tennis court. Congrats.

  2. SOOO happy that things are progressing. I think of you often and don't call because I don't want to bother you thinking that you're always tired. How's the ahir thing? Are you growing any? Love you bunches.

  3. Wow...CR on a t-shirt is so much better than the too frequently seen F - - - - C- - - - -!
    Kindda cousin Phyllis