Saturday, August 4, 2018

Just Beachy

Not much to report on this lovely summer day.  I’m enjoying being home between chemo sessions.  Next session will start in about two weeks. 

On Wednesday night, I was invited to see Mission Impossible.  The movie was fun (if you see it, let me know if you agree that old Tom looks kind of funny when he is running after the bad guys) but it was even better just to be out with some friends on a balmy Southern California evening.  I’ve made a personal pact to do more “getting out”.  Today, I went down to the beach to attend the local surf festival.  The heat and all the walking around was a bit taxing, but I’m still glad I did it.

August 1 marked 3 months since I was diagnosed.  That’s 3 months of shuttling back and forth between hospital and home and being loaded up with the poison that will save my life.   This will probably not go down as the best year I’ve experienced.  But next year could be.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.


  1. Get out -- more getting out? Good. I am enjoying my summer, thank you. I am eight weeks post mitral valve repair (and ablation, let's not disregard that!) and am experiencing my sternum knitting itself back together. [Sorry non-Ed folks, more than you wanted to know.] Anyhow, back to the relevant focus: I tend to shy away from judgments of 'best' and 'favorite' and so forth, and I am rating your year as one of the really, really good ones, considering what you are accomplishing. Big work on the inside, big work on the outside. Pretty good.

    1. Sorry, must respectfully disagree. I do have favorites (Todd! ). And while I recognize the value of successfully overcoming adversity, this sucks balls! BTW, I had an an,ablation 3 years ago to address afib and flutter. Haven’t had a problem since. Hope you have the same result.

  2. Nothing better than sun and salt air to calm the soul and reinvigorate the body! Keep up the fight!