Sunday, June 10, 2018

Quick update: Sunday June 10

Back at Cedars for a few days, as scheduled.  I received two chemos….specifically methotrexate and cyterabine.  I need to stay here until the methotrexate passes through me, which they think will be around Tuesday. There have been a few minor challenges on this round.    I’m getting steroid infusions which cause my feet to swell up, sometimes painfully enough that walking hurts for awhile. So they treat it with diuretics that make me pee almost continually for a while.  I also get an itchy rash on my hands and feet and I really have to hold myself back from scratching it. But all minor stuff. I’m managing fine. Looking forward to some home cooking in a day or two.


  1. You seem to be taking this all in your stride, Ed. I am full of admiration for your fortitude. Keep strong.

  2. Keep up the attitude! You got the Luca Brazzi look on with that hat ( I think I have its twin hat!). All the best...Mike

  3. Nice shades! I'm back home after six days in (four in cardiac ICU) for mitral valve repair (etc). Thinking of you, love you!

    1. Yup, getting stronger every day. Just need to further clear my lungs, regain strength and behave myself (re. meds and behavioral restrictions). Like you I have a stupendous spousal unit to assist me. There ain't nothing better than that. I think of you daily and am sending energy your way.

  4. I am high risk myeloma (2015 diagnosis) and my next treatment option is also allo transplant (I've had the tandem already), which I am terrified of. Bone marrow biopsy coming up, along with more oncologist discussion. Not in the planning stage just yet, but I will be following your blog closely for insight, thanks.