Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 365 - My BMT Birthday

Today is the one year anniversary of my transplant.  In Myeloma circles, this is often celebrated as a second birthday.

The photo above was taken on my actual birthday about two weeks ago when I turned 60.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family.  But for today, I am surrounded by the warmth and encouragement of the Myeloma community, which had such a large role in helping me get to this day.

I haven't posted anything in quite a while, since there has been nothing important in my myeloma life to comment on.  The post several months have been remarkable only in their uneventfulness (is there such a word?).  But to give you a a quick status:  I'm working full time.  I am playing a lot of tennis.  I am not experiencing anything that can be attributed directly to the disease   My hair has grown back and is now the same color and texture as it was pre-treatment.  I am on a maintenance dose of revlimid and prednisone, which I tolerate quite well with only occasional hand and foot cramps being the primary problem.

I feel extraordinarily fortunate and grateful that I was somehow chosen to be one of the ones who was able to skate through the treatment relatively easily.  Please don't let the matter-of-fact style of this post belie my true feelings about the matter.  I am very very happy with where I am and very optimistic about my chances of overcoming this horrible disease.

Special thanks to the extended myeloma community on this occasion: The team at Cedars... particularly Laura, who was such a helping hand when it was needed and Dr. V, who performed the magic.  Also to the group at Cancer Care in Redondo Beach for making me feel good about coming in for chemotherapy.  Also to my friends in the blogossphere, especially Nick and Pat, who continue to fight their own battles while serving as clearinghouses for others fighting the disease.

Damn, that sounded like an Oscar acceptance speech.

Anyway, Happy Myeloma Birthday to me and fervent best good wishes to all who suffer from or work to cure Multiple Myeloma.


  1. Congratulations , it's a big milestone! Yours was an auto or allo?
    You look great!

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    2. I'm actually doing pretty well, I've been off rev / dex since September . So that's so nice. My m protein has been .37
      I just had a test so I'll know Monday if its different.
      March1 is my 7th anniversary of my SCT , so I'm very grateful.
      Thanks for asking. I turned 60, in sept. it's very weird when inside you still feel 30? 40?
      Oh well....

  2. Beyond thrilled for you!!

  3. Ed, Boring is good. Hey, Johnny V. has lived his life with that motto. So glad to learn that life is back to normal. I hope you and Susan are wiping the competition on the tennis court.

  4. OMG! You're hot! Love the picture! What happened to the gray? I'm soooo grateful that you're doing to well. You make my heart soar like an Eagle. Looking forward to seeing you on March 1st. I love you very much!!!

  5. Ed....always thrilled to hear good news. Happy birthday...again! I'm not writing a toast for this one though. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

  6. Ed, very happy to see you doing so well! Happy belated Birthday! I am coming up on my SCT anniversary on March 1st. I hope to be celebrating at least 7 like Christina, and many more!

  7. Happy birthday Ed.
    Alex from London here (we have a mutual friend in Princeton...)
    Long may your uneventfulness continue.
    I'm due to have my own SCT next week ( 6 March should be my birthday.